Bombing in KL

There was a bombing outside a nightclub very early this morning (9 Oct).  One victim has died and various reports say that up to 12 others were injured.  It’s believed the bombing, which included 3 separate devices, was gang related.  KL, like most big cities around the world, has a lot of gang activity.  Please join us in praying for the victims and families of those affected by the bombing.

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Government Work is Good Work!

Dan was recently asked to facilitate a networking group on leadership development for a quasi-government agency called TalentCorp.  The primary mission of TalentCorp is to facilitate talent development in Malaysia so that the country can meet its economic plans.  Primarily, they work to repatriate Malaysian Citizens who have left the country to study abroad (but never returned); help expatriate talent to remain in Malaysia; and sponsor programs to accelerate talent development here at home.  The top two pictures are of Dan facilitating the group.  The bottom two are of the plenary sessions just prior to our breakout group.

Join with us in asking that Dan will be able to continue this work as it will facilitate many connections – as well as help us accelerate receiving an employment pass here.

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A Short Holiday

This week was Malaysia Day and a week-long school holiday for Toby.  We took a short drive to the Cameron Highlands.  While the temperature here is about 30C everyday, it’s only 20C there.  It was strange wearing jackets and sweaters here!  The Highlands were a retreat for the British from the heat of KL during colonial days – and the same for us!  We stayed at a guest house here that caters to workers like us.  We enjoyed a real British tea experience, played badminton, and visited a lavender and strawberry farm.  After just a couple of days, it was time to return to KL and back to our normal routine.

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Radio Interview!



Dan was fortunate enough to be invited to be on a local radio program talking about leadership development.  Although he was a bit nervous about his first live broadcast interview, the host Freda was very friendly and helpful!  Click the BFM 89.9 logo below to access a recorded podcast of the interview.




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Progress in Making Connections


These past couple of weeks have been very busy – in a good way.  Dan was invited to give a talk about global trends in talent acquisition to a group in a nearby city.   Please join with us in asking for favor in the connections made here.  He’s already had one follow up meeting and is looking forward to more in the future.

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Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Today the country of Malaysia is 57 years old.  Born in 1957 and 57 years old.  These are three patriotic videos to celebrate the holiday as well as show you more about the country.


To my knowledge, I’ve never been called Brother but everybody is called “Boss.”  We have lots of new Aunties and Uncles here but you do need to be careful about calling a lady “Auntie” until she gives you a clue if she wants to be “Auntie” or “Sister.”  Maxis is the nation’s largest mobile phone provider.

Cellcom is the nation’s 2nd largest mobile phone provider.

Petronas is synonymous with Malaysia.  It is the state owned oil company and namesake of the famous Petronas Towers.


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A Malaysian’s Advice on Adjusting to Life in Malaysia –

This is a really funny post.  True based on our experiences – although we haven’t nearly mastered these yet!

A Malaysian’s Advice on Adjusting to Life in Malaysia –

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